In looking to develop the employability skills of young people and develop their understanding of work and careers, we deliver a comprehensive range of programmes with schools and education institutions. We embrace working with volunteers from different industries from corporate city firms to small local businesses. Our volunteering opportunities provide flexibility in relation to the time commitment involved and the skills and experience required in order to support our programmes.

Becoming a volunteer is mutually beneficial and an excellent self-development opportunity. A number of our programmes provide volunteers with a platform to develop a range of skills and qualities such as presentation skills, self-confidence and business coaching. Increasingly we support corporate clients in helping them deliver their Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) programme. We are able to utilise our established links with schools and our knowledge of education to develop and deliver bespoke programmes. If you are an employer or individual who is interested in getting involved then please contact us and we can discuss the different ways in which you can help transform young futures’.

Upcoming Volunteering Opportunities:


  • Kingsford BOSS Day                              21st April 2016
  • Sarah Bonnell BOSS Day                      26th May 2016
  • Sarah Bonnell Mock Interviews          1st July 2016
  • Cumberland Mock Interviews             12th July 2016


  • Dragons Den
  • Positive Attitudes
  • Presentation Skills
  • Speed Networking


  • Carpenters Primary                               22nd – 26th February 2016
  • Grange Primary                                      7th – 11th March 2016
  • Central Park Primary                            14th – 18th March 2016 and 21st – 24th March 2016
  • Avenue Primary                                     18th – 22nd April 2016 and 25th – 29th April 2016
  • Monega Primary                                    16th – 20th May 2016
  • Calverton Primary                                 6th – 10th June 2016
  • Winsor Primary                                      13th – 17th June 2016
  • New City Primary                                  27th June – 1st July 2016
  • Avenue Primary (Year 6)                      11th – 15th July 2016

The following links provide further information on key programmes where we seek the support of volunteers.