15billion-ebp provides a full Management Information service, including database hosting and support and the production of a variety of quality reporting products.
Our core customers are nine local authorities that make up the London East sub-region, for whom we host and administer the IYSS client caseload information system (CCIS). In managing CCIS since 2004, we have developed a range of checks and processes to ensure data quality and accuracy and have evolved a high level of expertise in producing compelling reports, tailored to specific audiences with clearly comprehensible visuals. Our reporting service meets both local and formal Department for Education (DfE) requirements via thorough monthly and returns based reports, integrated maintenance reports and an additional ad hoc reporting service.

In addition to CCIS, we support integrated modules meeting the needs of the Youth Services, drop-in centres, youth offending and troubled family teams.

15billion-ebp work in close partnership with wider London local authorities, career companies and other national partners, to support the needs of young people through management information We liaise with software providers to ensure continual product improvement and form part of the NCCIS expert group, liaising with the DfE on changes, improvements and new initiatives, which may impact our customers.

Our Information Management service includes the provision of

• Training (end-user and administrative management)
• User database access management
• Helpdesk (telephone and email)
• Data maintenance and quality checking
• Promoting the development of the database in line with formal requirements
• Formal, local and ad hoc reporting
• Database hosting services
• Client tracking services

We strive to surpass the expectations of customers, using intelligent data analysis to meet and identify local needs and deliver on all national reporting requirements, whilst emphasising a high standard for data integrity, data security and a customer focused value for money services.

If you are interested in discussing how 15billion-ebp may be able to support information management for your service please contact mi@15billionebp.org