Children’s University successfully launched in February 2015 and we now have over 10000 children taking part.CU

What is East London Children’s University?

Children’s University (CU) is an international charity that provides primary school children with access to exciting learning experiences outside the normal school day. Delivered by local centres, Children’s University operates across the UK with over 120 centres stretching from Aberdeen to Cornwall and from February 2015, 15billion-ebp became the CU centre for East London.

How does it work?

1. Students receive a ‘Passport to Learning’.

2. Students take part in activities called ‘learning destinations’. Activities need to take place outside of normal school hours but can include your after school clubs.

3. There are a wide range and ever-increasing number of learning destinations and examples include learning trails on the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park, learning about sustainability at the Siemens Crystal, visiting the Imperial War Museum, to attending local clubs such as swimming, dance or karate.

4. Students receive a stamp in their Passport when they take part in a CU activity. As students acquire more hours and stamps in their Passport they will be invited to a graduation ceremony when they reach key milestones.

5. The first milestone is a Bronze Award (30 hours of learning). As students reach each milestone they will be invited to a graduation ceremony to recognise participation and achievement. University College London (UCL) and a top law firm in London Bridge have agreed to host our first graduation ceremonies.

What is the aim and benefit of CU?

Formative experiences heavily shape future life choices, particularly in relation to education and employment, and independent evaluation by the University of Cambridge has confirmed that participation in CU significantly improves school attendance, increases levels of attainment (across all subject areas) and raises aspirations.

“Achievement is significantly better at key stages 1-3 for children who participate in Children’s University learning, compared with non-participants” – Professor John MacBeath, University of Cambridge

Children’s University will also encourage parents to become more involved in supporting the development and education of their children.

Children’s University e-zine

The latest edition of the East London Children’s University e-zine is now available!!  Click East London Children’s University_Issue 15_Winter Editionto open the document.  We look forward to finding out what you get up to over the Easter holidays – keep us updated on Twitter @newham_CU!!